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Air Clean USA

Environmental rehabilitation plants

Air treatment
Biogas upgrading

USA Monashell wastewater plant

Treatment of odour and VOC emissions produced by municipal wastewater treatment plants

Impianto trattamento acque industriali polo petrolchimico - biofiltro - Italia

Treatment of odour and VOC emissions produced by the industrial wastewater treatment plants

Impianto compostaggio - biofiltro - Italia

Treatment of odour and VOC emissions produced by the municipal solid waste treatment plants

Impianto trattamento rifiuti - biofiltro - Italia

Aerobic fermentation systems for the municipal solid waste treatment plants

Impianto trattamento rifiuti speciali - torre di lavaggio chimica - Italia

Treatment of odour and VOC emissions produced by the industrial waste treatment plants

Impianto produzione energia da biomassa - biofiltri e umidificatori - Italia

Treatment of odour and VOC emissions produced by the food industry and its wastes treatment

Impianto di aspirazione industriale - estrazione dell'aria - Spagna

Dust removal plants for glass, brick, gypsum, aggregates and asphalt industries

Impianto aspirazione industria siderurgica - impianto aspirazione - Italia

Aspiration and treatment plants for dusts and fumes produced in foundries, steel industry, faucets and fittings factories and mechanical industries

Processo di trattamento galvanico - impianto aspirazone fumi - Italia

Treatment of emissions from surface treatment processes

Impianto biomasse zootecniche - biofiltri - Italia

Treatment of odour and VOC emissions in industrial processes

Impianto trattamento rifiuti speciali - biotrickling e impianto estrazione aria a servizio - Italia

Special plants

Impianto rendering campionamenti olfattometrici - biofiltro - Spagna

Environmental consultancy

Biological Systems (for air treatment)


Absorbers (washing towers)

Adsorbers (air depuration by activated carbon)

Wet dust removal systems

Dry dust removal systems

Impianto trattamento rifiuti – cabina afonica – Italia

Industrial ventilation



Composting Plants

Composting plants

Special plants


Biotrickling technology with shells suitable for the treatment of acid gases (400 ppm H2S) and VOC (2 grC / m3) in the industrial field (painting, foundries, food industry, etc.)


Peat-based product designed for biofiltration


Biological system on recycled rubber support for the removal of high concentrations of H2S (5000 ppm) and siloxanes from biogas

The Company

Air Clean USA designs, builds and installs air treatment systems (air cleaning, biogas cleaning, odor control for solid waste treatment). We combine conventional technologies with biological technologies to offer individual client’s a bespoke optimized solution (efficiency, effectiveness, environmental impact). Our Biological technologies includes proprietary technologies which utilize environmentally friendly recovered materials with a naturally affinity for the chemical compounds the systems are required to treat.

Air Clean USA offers turnkey solutions incorporating design, construction, installation and final testing. Access to the latest technologies combined with continuous research allows Air Clean USA provide the best in class solution with lowest life cycle cost achieved by using stand alone or multi-stage technologies.

Biological systems for air purification Chemical washing towers for air purification and  Activated carbon systems for air purification. We also specialize in wet and dry dust removal system for many applications including Composting plants.

The partnership with a new Irish trading Company, which acquired Bord na Móna MónaShell® and MónaFil® brands and the associated developed portfolio for existing and new emerging technologies, ensures Air Clean can offer best in class, proprietary, MónaShell®, MónaFil® and now the new CrumRubber™ bio-technologies for the treatment of municipal and industrial odor including VOC emissions.

The company is uniquely positioned to provide back-up and after sales service including technical support, replacement media, system upgrades and new skid mounted or site erected MónaShell®, MónaFil® and  CrumRubber™ systems.



Company office: 1200 Brickell Avenue 800 #6 - MIAMI, FL 33131
Tel. +1 (786) 554-8679 - EIN NUMBER 61-1820232
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